VocalFeel KIT is a medical device designed to assist warming, deafening, enabling and vocal rehabilitation, exploiting the benefits of two simple and entirely natural principles: chordal hydration and impedance (static, fluctuating or combined) of the vocal tract.

The product is composed of: face mask with double connection; humidifier filter with one-way valve; sterile gauze; bubble equipment; dedicated case.


VocalFeel KIT is suitable for use in vocal warmingfor all those who use the voice for passion or profession, in vocal education and in vocal rehabilitation.


With VocalFeel KIT, vocal warm-up before a performance is as effective and safe as never before. And that’s not all: topical hydration measures and semi-occluded vocal tract exercise with static, fluctuating or combined impedance have demonstrated evidence of efficacy in vocal training and rehabilitation, under the guidance and supervision – respectively – of the vocal coach, the physician (phoniatrist or otolaryngologist) and the speech therapist experienced in voice.

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