Product description

An innovative mask designed and designed for those who use the voice for passion or profession.

Discover the benefits that your voice can get from cordial hydration and increased impedance vocal exercise, in synergy.

The adjustable and effective heating and vocal cool-down as never before, through a wide range of exercises with only two purposes: freeing up and preparing your voice.

Product highlights

Discover the benefits of hydrating and lubricating your vocal cords, thanks to our humidifier filter system.

Enhance the resonance of your voice in a natural way, using the power of static impedance.

Experience the “vocal massage” of the fluctuating exercises with the brand new bubble-mask technique.


Key words

Speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency

The combination of the beneficial effects of chord humidification and increased vocal tract impedance ensures that surprising results can be achieved in just a few minutes!

Security and prevention

Security and prevention

The vocal load reduction promoted by the semi-occlusion of the vocal tract protects against cord trauma and vocal fatigue while using VocalFeel.

Vocal hygiene

Vocal hygiene

VocalFeel offers a unique combination of humidification, proprioception, heating, and relaxation; the real basic principles to promote the well-being of your voice.



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